Living in a Winter Wonderland

Hi Everyone,

These past few weeks, I’ve been busy training on Frozen Thunder, a short early season skiing loop at the Canmore Nordic Centre, with the CNEPH and at a Canadian Women’s camp. The Women’s camp was comprised of a group of ladies from the National Team, as well as various training centres and clubs. Some of the highlights included spending time with renowned athletes such as Clara Hughes, Beckie Scott, and Sara Renner, as well as receiving technique advice from National Team coaches.


Women’s camp (I’m on the top right)


Frozen Thunder classic sprints (I’m in the red and white suit)

During the Women’s camp, I also had my first on-snow race of the season— the Frozen Thunder Classic. The race, which was a classic sprint, gave me a chance to fine-tune my warmup and to get back into racing mode. With a competitive field full of some of Canada and the United States’ best athletes, I was happy to qualify 16th and just make it through to the heats. 


Wintery morning at Frozen Thunder with my CNEPH teammates!


Warming up for some strength training


Morning ski on Frozen Thunder (Thanks to Coach Pav for the photo!)

After the Women’s camp ended, I trained with the CNEPH for a week, improving my on-snow technique. Now I’m busy finishing up my first University course and enjoying my last recovery week before the racing season.

Until next time,

Maya MacIsaac-Jones

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