Spring Skiing and Training

Hey Everyone!

It’s already a couple months into training season, and I’ve been busy training in Canmore with the Rocky Mountain Racers Ski team. We have quite a few new athletes on the team this year, so it’s been really motivating and fun to train with some new people!

My first camp of the season was at the Sunshine Meadows near Banff in June. Thanks to the hard work of the crew at Sunshine Village, we had a beautifully groomed track where we could ski and work on technique each day. We also lucked out and had some cold nights and sunny days, so there was some spectacular crust skiing most mornings. Being able to explore the mountains on snow for 1-2 hours in the morning made it really easy to get in lots of hours while having a great time.

Skiing with the BATCHes

Crust skiing at Sunshine with some speedy biathletes! (I’m in the pink shirt).


Skiing at Sunshine

The view while exploring the mountains on snow

Our next training camp was a road biking camp in near Creston, B.C.. I love road biking, so this is always one of my favourite camps of the year. What makes it even better is that one of the RMR families, the Poffenroths, are generous enough to let us camp on the front lawn of their cabin, and to cook us amazing and delicious meals throughout the entire camp! This year at Creston, we had some long and epic road rides including Salmo Pass and Balfour-New Denver and back.


Although it doesn’t look too steep from the picture, this climb out of New Denver was probably the hardest part of the entire camp! (I’m the one in the light blue jersey)


Taking the Kootenay Lake Ferry mid-workout.

The most recent training camp I had was at the Haig Glacier at the beginning of July. There, I was able to get the benefits of both working on my ski technique, as well as training and living at high altitude. The best things about the camp, though, was having both my younger brother and sister there with me. It was my little sister’s first time staying up at the Haig with RMR, and it was so much fun to be able to ski and hang out with her all day. One of my favourite things about skiing is that it is such a great family sport, and having all three MacIsaac-Jones kids at the glacier reminded me why I love skiing so much!


Beautiful view while crust skiing on the Haig/French glaciers.

My next camp is at the Haig Glacier in August, so for the next few weeks, I will be busy in Canmore roller skiing, running, and slowly trying to improve my mountain biking skills.

Until next time,


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