Park City Camp!

For the past two weeks, I’ve been with my ski team RMR at our final training camp of the year in Park City, Utah! The Park City camp is great for training– an extensive set of running trails, long mountain passes to rollerski, and a paved rollerski track for time trials make it incredibly easy to get in lots of volume and intensity.

The first week of the camp had a focus on long volume days and adapting Park City’s high altitude. Our workouts included adventure runs exploring the Wasatch mountains, long rollerski days up Mirror Lake Pass and Wolf Pass, and a classic intensity session up Big Cottonwood and Guardsman’s Pass, finishing at an altitude of 3000m.


Erin, Ember and I before our long run in the Wasatch Mountains (I’m in the purple).


RMR posing for the paparazzi at Soldier Hollow.

One of my favourite parts about this year’s camp was the agility work we incorporated into our training sessions. A couple days a week, the team headed to an empty parking lot, where coaches and volunteers set up obstacle courses for us to complete. Obstacles included jumping up and down curbs, skiing backwards, skiing in circles with no poles, and taking corners at high speeds in groups. The idea behind the agility sessions was to help improve our confidence on rollerskis, which should translate to more on-snow confidence this winter, and some exciting tactical moves in sprint races! 

agility photo

Emma Camicioli practicing agility on the curb.


Scarecrows and sassiness with the RMR girls.

By the time the second half of the camp came around, my teammates and I were adjusted to Park City’s high altitude and ready for some harder workouts, so we amped up the workouts with intensity, strength, and max effort resistance training. With two Plyo strength sessions, two intensity sessions at Soldier Hollow, and a long skate interval day up Emigration Pass, it wasn’t hard to put in 4+ hours of training a day.


Team training at Soldier Hollow


Ember, Erin and I showing off our RMArms on the Wasatch Crest Trail (I’m in the pink).

The camp finished off with a long 30km run in the Wasatch mountains, followed two days after by a skate sprint simulation at Soldier Hollow. In this sprint sim, each athlete had to complete a qualifier, three heats, and a final qualifier at the end for extra practice. The heats were organized with girls and guys racing against each other, with some people getting head starts and short-cuts so that everyone pushed to the max in each heat. One of the best things about RMR is that we have athletes of all different ages and abilities, so in sprint simulations and time trials, you are always racing against someone new!

While in Park City, we were lucky enough to have some amazing parents with us volunteering at the camp. They were generous enough to donate their time and drive us around, up, down, and over mountain passes for days on end. The camp would not have been possible without their help.


Thank-you Kathy, Tami, and Carol for helping make the camp a success!


Anna, Ember, and the Wasatch Nordic Ski Academy girls after their sprint heats.

Now, I’m back in Canmore getting ready for Frozen Thunder to open. With only a month and a half left until the season, now is when I get to finally wrap up all of the hard training I’ve been doing throughout the past months and get ready to race!

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