Solid Start to the Season

As I write this, I’m heading back home to Athabasca for some much-needed family time. This last month has been full of racing, training, and homework, so it will be great to relax, hang out on the farm, and ski on some old-style natural snow trails.

Goal setting

Goal-setting night with the RMR girls!

My racing this past month has been full of lots of decent races, one great race, and one bad race. Overall, a solid start to the season– I’m definitely not at the top of my game yet, but these races have left me happy with where I’m at right now and hungry for more.

Girls training

Long easy ski with the RMR girls (l-r: Ember, Emma, Erin, Andrea).

The NorAm season kicked off with three races at the Canmore Nordic Centre– two distance races and a sprint. I was 6th in both my distance races, which was decent, but my classic sprint unfortunately happened on one of those days where nothing came together physically or mentally. I finished 3rd in the B Final, which wasn’t a bad result, but definitely not what I knew I was capable of in terms of sprinting.

Family pic

Stoked to have my family racing with me at the Canmore NorAm.

Girls' after race photo

Andrea helping Erin and I get back to our feet after the 10km Skate Mass Start in Canmore.

Fortunately, thanks to my extremely supportive teammates and coaches, I was able to pull things together for the races the following weekend in Sovereign Lakes, B.C., and win the skate sprint! Winning a NorAm had been one of my goals for the winter, and it felt great to have achieved that this early in the season.

Podium Silver Star 2015

Sovereign Lakes NorAm women’s skate sprint podium.

Shortly following the Sovereign Lake NorAm, my coach and I found out I had been offered a spot on Cross-Country Canada’s B-Tour. The tour, which leaves right after Christmas, features three OPA races and four World Cup races. After some frantic re-scheduling of final exams and work, I accepted my spot on the tour. This will be my first time doing OPA races and non-domestic World Cups!

Sprint photo

Leading the Semi-final in the Sovereign Lakes skate sprint.

One of the reasons I decided to go on B-Tour is because it is a great opportunity to get some international racing experience. A great way to get better at performing internationally is to practice, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to do that.

I leave December 28th for Europe, so stay tuned for updates from Austria, Slovenia, Italy, and the Czech Republic!

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