New Year, New Beginnings

As per usual, April, which is a recovery month for cross-country skiers, has blown by and I am already back into full time training. Although I spent half of the month getting over a nasty post Ski Tour Canada cold (as it turns out, racing 8 World Cups in 12 days is really hard on the body!), I still managed to get in some fun crust skiing and hiking adventures.


April Adventuring– first summit of the year!

Throughout April, I was lucky enough to get to spend a week at home in Athabasca, as well as a week out in Tofino with a bunch of ski friends and the Stewart-Jones clan! Finishing the month with a week of surfing, camping, and sunny days on the beach was exactly what I needed to be able to arrive at the start of May mentally refreshed and ready to train.


Happy Campers (Photo: Emilie Stewart-Jones)



Evening surf shot (Photo: Emilie Stewart-Jones)


Staying warm with my new BUFF toque! (Photo: Emilie Stewart-Jones)

One of the most exciting things that happened in April was that I got a nomination to the Senior National Development Team! Being a member of the National Ski Team is something I set as a goal for myself when I was still racing as a Midget, and I am so excited to have finally reached that goal.

Getting a national team nomination means that I am now training with the Alberta World Cup Academy! Although I’m sad to not be training with my RMR teammates as much, fortunately I can still join them on epic adventures and for strength and intensity sessions when our schedules line up.


Loving life at Sunshine!

Right now, I’m in the middle of a Sunshine on-snow camp, which means that a couple of days a week I get to head up to the Sunshine meadows for crust skiing adventures and technique work. Rest months are great once a year, but right now I am so happy to be training full time again.


Second summit– Heart Mountain. (L-R: Dahria Beatty, me, Annika Hicks)

Coming up next on the schedule, we have a mini road bike camp near Saskatchewan Crossing, followed by a National team/Training centre camp in Quebec.

Finally, I want to thank my new sponsors Buff Canada, Trail Sports, and Jamie Mackie, for supporting me this upcoming season! As always, a HUGE thank-you goes out to my continuing primary sponsor Home Hardware Athabasca, as well as to my longtime personal sponsor and supporter Jamie Coatsworth. Thank-you all so much for believing in me and for helping me reach my goals!


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