Back on Two Feet (Literally!)

Summer has arrived here in the Bow Valley, and along with it have come many hours hard training, bear spotting (I’m up to 3 as of this morning), afternoons relaxing and doing homework by the river, and of course, tourists.


Morning paddle with Emma C. 

It’s been a little over two months since I had foot surgery, and I’m very happy to report that I am back to training on two feet again. It feels amazing to be training hard outside again, and I am absolutely loving getting to push hard outside of the pool, and being able to enjoy the fresh air. I think having a tough season last year has almost made me more motivated this year to work hard and prove to myself what I am capable of.


Road ride with AWCA!


Camping– hard to beat morning views in the Rockies.

One of the things I love about training is learning how to walk the fine line between recovery and pushing your limits. I’ve been enjoying playing around with that limit this spring, trying to be more in-tune with my body so that I can better identify when it is okay to do that extra interval, or when I need to take a rest day.  

With my training season starting a bit differently this year, I’m also trying to get less caught up in the “numbers game”. A lot of athletes I know (myself included) get caught up in the number of hours we put in, and sometimes forget that training plans are guidelines, not the rule.  This year, I’m trying to focus more on listening to my body and trusting myself, which will hopefully lead to improved training overall.


Trading in my pool pass for a wetsuit.


Homemade pizza night– with fresh arugula from our garden box!

Aside from training, I’ve been working on my Introductory Statistics course, which has been easy so far, and fairly interesting as well. I’ve also been trying to take advantage of rest days and have done two mini backcountry paddling trips.

Up next will likely be a volume block, and I will also hopefully be heading home to Athabasca at some point soon to hang out with my parents and sister. I’m looking forward to a summer of hard training and hopefully many more camping adventures as well!



Short 1 night paddling trip with Sarah and Chloe. 


Olive-rosemary sourdough flatbread!

On a final note, I am very excited to have the support of Paintbox Lodge, Trail Sports, BUFF, CanFund, Jamie Coatsworth, and Jamie Mackie this year! I feel so lucky to be able to work towards my goals in skiing, and this wouldn’t be possible without your support.

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