Focusing on Recovery

July is flying by, and so are the big training weeks. Long days in the summer provide great opportunities to put in lots of easy hours with some strength and intensity mixed in.

I love summer training. This time of year, things aren’t very ski-specific (that stuff ramps up more in the fall). I really enjoy the flexibility of being able to put in the time doing a variety of different training modes, and being able to adjust easily to the weather, to how I’m feeling, and to what I need to work on. I love seeing and feeling everything progress throughout the summer as endurance, fitness, speed, and power slowly start to improve.


Happy as a clam after some solid ski walking intensity up Sulphur Mountain.


Water break between double pole intervals. 

To handle the big training weeks, I’ve been putting a lot more focus on recovery this summer. During past training seasons, I’ve often found myself on the edge of getting sick quite a bit, and this year I am working on lowering the number of times that happens.

Recovery areas I’ve been working on are:

  1. Sleeping a LOT: This has meant getting in the habit of putting my phone away early each evening so that I get a good night’s sleep, and has also meant making the time to have a quick nap each afternoon after lunch.
  2. Proper nutrition during workouts: For me, this means remembering to use sport drink and to bring bars for hard or long workouts.
  3. Adequate hydration: It’s been a hot summer in Canmore, and I sweat a lot, so I’ve been trying to drink more both during workouts and during the day.
  4. Eating a proper lunch: I love breakfast and supper, but have never been a big lunch fan, so this year I’ve been focusing on eating a big lunch every day (also helps with quality of afternoon workout and ability to focus on homework in the afternoon!).

Strawberry hunting after intensity (oddly enough, a lot of my cooldowns seem to be in areas where the strawberries grow… ;)). 

I’ve been training mostly in Canmore for the last month, but I did get to go home to Athabasca for a week in early July. I got lucky and was home for a week of very hot weather (I LOVE hot weather at home), which meant I was jumping into our lake after each workout, and often before bed too. My sister and I also went to Mr. V’s U-Pick east of town one afternoon, and came back with 4 buckets (and our bellies) full of delicious ripe strawberries!


Strength time! 

It was so much fun be home with my sister and parents, and to enjoy some low-altitude training for a week. Our farm in the summer is one of my favourite places to be, and I left feeling refreshed, motivated, and ready for another hard training block in Canmore.

I’m in the middle of a big training block at the moment, and am feeling a good mixture of tired and ready to go. After this block is over, I’ll likely head to Athabasca again for an easier week, and hopefully in August I will be heading up to the Haig Glacier for some mini camps on snow!


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