August Training Block

August was a busy month with my biggest training block of the year to date. Happily, I was able to rollerski as much as I wanted to without causing injury, so I took advantage of that and put in a lot of volume and intensity. I stayed healthy throughout the whole block and got in a lot of good quality training, including my first rollerski TT of the year! The TT was a great chance for me to practice my race warmup and mental preparation.


Andrea, myself, and Emma C post TT

At the end of the training block, I had reached that perfect amount of exhaustion and was very ready for a rest week. Usually at the end of a good (and hard) training block, I end up breaking into tears for no real reason, which is when I know it’s time to rest. Sounds a bit crazy, but I love that feeling of being exhausted at the end of a training block and getting a well-earned rest week.


Dahria, Annika, and I with our matching sports bras! PC: Em Nish

The next best thing to successfully finishing a hard training block is the feeling at the end of a successful rest week, when I start to feel snappy, rested, and mentally excited to get back to hard training. I find that rest weeks are just as important mentally as physically, which is why I usually start rest weeks with 2 days off in a row to give myself a good mental break from the focus of training. Rest weeks are also great for getting in mini camping trips or getting out of town for a few days!


Mini canoe trip with Emma C. So happy to be out on the water!


Sunny morning for camping


Rest week glamping with PSJ. Breakfast: Eggs, bread, and so much BACON!

At the end of my rest week, I also got to attend the Cross Country Alberta Jasper camp for the second year in a row! The camp was a lot of fun because I got to do some workouts with the whole camp, and also some workouts with the RMR girls and AWCA. It was also really fun to talk and train with the young skiers from my hometown Athabasca, many of whom my parents teach or have taught at some point.


Hike with the Midgets at the CCA Jasper camp!

FullSizeRender 2

Rainy day intensity with Anna, Emma C, and coach Luke (PC: Mama MJ)

Up next is some treadmill testing next week (my first treadmill of the year!!), and a focus on intensity throughout September. Right now, I’m working on increasing my sprinting endurance as the race season approaches.

Thanks for reading!








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