Skier New Year

Happy cross-country skier New Year! I’ve been training for about two weeks now, and it feels AMAZING to be back at it. This time last year I was on crutches, so I’d forgotten how much fun spring training is.


Crust skiing with birthday girl KSJ

To add to my excitement, I also got the news that I’ve been nominated to the National Ski Team again! I feel so lucky to be a part of this team again– there are so many fast women in Canada that I get to race with, and I wish we could all be on the team.

April was a pretty great rest month for me. Pat and I went on a road trip to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, and up and around Vancouver Island. It was the perfect getaway and I came back feeling rested and ready to train.


LRM_EXPORT_20180423_200027 (1)

Road tripping with PSJ


I also got to be a part of Cross Country Canada’s annual High Performance meetings as the NST Athlete Representative and as a member of the CCC Athlete Board. It was an eye-opening experience for me and it was inspiring to see and meet so many people who care about our sport.

LRM_EXPORT_20180423_195551 (1)


This past week we did our strength assessments which as expected left me VERY sore. The focus for the next couple of weeks will be on volume and strength, and I’m looking forward to outlining some technique concepts to work on this summer. It’s been so much fun getting back to training– the crust skiing and mountain biking conditions are prime in Canmore right now, so what more can I ask for?!



Mountain bike season!!


I’ll be heading to a Silver Star for some on-snow time later this week, and then down to Penticton for our first camp of the year.

Happy spring training!


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