A couple of weeks ago, my sports psychologist and I had a long talk about motivation. With the race season approaching quickly, November can often be a stressful month. The fun of the training season is mostly over but the excitement of race season hasn’t fully started yet– so on the tough days, I sometimes need a reminder of why I’m working so hard in this sport.


Homework date with Erin!


Fortunately, friends, teammates, family, and sports psychs are great for helping athletes remember why we love sports so much. Turns out, there are TONS of reasons I love skiing– I just need a refresher once in a while! After talking it out, I was able to boil my motivation/love for skiing into two simple points:

  1. I love pursuing excellence and challenging my own physical and mental limits. Granted, this is often Type 2 fun… but it’s immensely satisfying and often more rewarding than Type 1 fun!
  2. There’s nowhere I’d rather be pursuing excellence than in skiing. The process of training, the excitement of racing, the community, and the lifestyle of skiing are all things that make me happier than anything else!

Fun parts of the skiing process– making core and stability gains! 

I probably say this every year, but it’s hard to beat the awesome feeling of reminding myself where my motivation comes from. In skiing (or anything in life, really), there are going to be both amazing days and tough days, but understanding motivation makes it way easier to work through the hard days– and even appreciate them.


One of the amazing days!

Mental training aside, the past few weeks I’ve been busy putting the final touches on my race shape. We also had our first races of the year at last weekend’s Alberta Cup! I was quite disappointed with my results, but I’m really happy with the training I’ve put in the past few weeks leading into the season.

Even though it can be frustrating when results don’t match training, sometimes the best thing to do is learn what I can, trust the process, and keep moving forward. And although my racing wasn’t stellar, it was SO cool to see lots of junior and U23 skiers in Alberta kicking butt out there!


Race mode at the AB Cup. Photo: Patrick Stewart-Jones

On the school side of things,  I’ve also officially completed half of my undergrad (a 3-year BA in Psychology through Athabasca University). Although it hasn’t exactly been fast progress, I’m really proud to have made it this far through my degree while skiing!

Coming up, we’ve got two NorAm races in Silver Star, BC, and then three NorAm races in Canmore. These will determine who gets some World Cup sprint spots in January, so I’ll be racing hard along with the rest of Canadian women with my eye on a ticket overseas!

Happy skiing


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