World Champs!

Five weeks in Europe has flown by! The trip kicked off with an altitude camp in Davos, Switzerland. This was the first time in over a year having our women’s team all in one place, and it was great to all together before the races started. Picture snowy Swiss Alps, trainng hard with friends, coffee dates in town, and delicious breakfast buffets– being a skier is pretty awesome!


Just a regular day at work

Unfortunately I got a cold in Davos so I had to skip the World Cup sprint weekend in Lahti and stay in Davos with the distance team. Getting sick mid-season really sucks, especially because you have to isolate yourself from the rest of the team, but luckily I got healthy quickly and was back to training in time to go to Cogne, Italy for the next weekend of World Cups.


Team Jones roomie life

Cogne was my first time racing World Cups in 3 years, and I was really nervous for it. Racing World Cups feels a lot different from racing in Canada. Often at home I’ll listen to music to get pumped up before a race, but on World Cup with big crowds cheering and athletes I look up to warming up all around me, I listen to music to calm myself down instead. The waxing situation on World Cup is also different– Canada’s got a big wax truck with a heated athlete tent attached, and we each get paired with a wax tech that we work with all trip/season. The level of racing on World Cup is obviously way harder than at home but the environment of racing feels easier because there’s a lot less work to do– no prepping skis, no cooking meals, no organizing logistics. It’s really easy to just focus on racing and training!


Racing in Cogne


Attempting to go incognito in Italy


Ski date with Dahria

After Cogne, we piled into a van and drove to Seefeld, Austria, for World Championships. We got to stay in apartments close to downtown, and our women’s team had an apartment to ourselves with a kitchenette, which meant lots of baking!


Seefeld! And Lenny making Dahria and I feel short

At the Championships, I raced the skate sprint, the 15km Skiathlon, and the 10km Classic. My family was there to watch the sprint and the skiathlon, and there were a bunch of Canadians cheering at all of the races! With my family there watching and thousands of fans cheering along the whole course, it was really easy to dig into the pain cave and give it everything.


World Champs skiathlon


Post-race feels

In all three races, I felt way better than I did in Cogne but I was really disappointed with the results again. Not getting the results I dreamed of was tough, but it was still awesome to race at World Champs and it’s great motivation for the rest of this year and next training season. This will definitely be a trip to remember!


Girls’ ski in Seefeld


Relay squad

I’m on a plane back to Canada right now with most of our team, and I’ll be heading to Canmore for a week at home. Then I’ll be off to Quebec for Nationals and World Cup Finals to finish off the season!



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