Nationals & Quebec World Cup

Just like that, another ski season is in the books. My last race was on Sunday– the World Cup in Quebec City on the Plains of Abraham. It was also the final World Cup weekend for my teammates Lenny Valjas and Alex Harvey. Alex won 2 medals in front of the home crowd, and watching that was a really special and inspiring way to end the year.

Dianne Galus

Signing posters at Nationals


Meeting some young Nakkertokers!

I wasn’t happy with my racing in Quebec, but anytime I get to race a World Cup at home in Canada is a blast. The crowds were amazing and it was so fun having a big team of Canadians racing. It’s not everywhere that I hear people cheering me on by my name the whole race long!

The week before World Cup Finals I was in Gatineau for Canadian Nationals. I had my best race of the year there– on the sprint day, everything came together perfectly and I became national champion. A lot of work went into that day, and it’s a moment I’m sure I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

Tim Austen 2

Moments like these make the hard parts worth it

I think sprint days are especially satisfying to perform well in because they require a huge amount of mental and physical focus for over four hours. We race 4 rounds throughout the day, and the pressure and the stakes get higher with every round. This means sprint days require a lot of mental prep. You need to manage extreme nerves, constant distractions, fatigue, and pressure while also conserving energy, observing what’s happening around you, and using what you learn to adjust your actions in as little as a split second. Not to mention, the racing is just really, really hard!

Doug Stephen

Going for it

Days like the sprint at Nationals– the ones that motivate me more than anything else and make all the hard work and sacrifice worth it– wouldn’t be possible without the amazing support I get from my family, friends, boyfriend, coaches, teammates, and sponsors. THANK YOU for making these moments possible.

Tim Austen

A very happy Maya

Now that the season is over, it’s rest month! It’ll be nice to have a few relaxing weeks with lots of adventure skiing. I’m also really excited about the upcoming training season, but first I need to rest and recover. Come May 1st, I’ll be ready to go again!


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