My Story

I was born and raised on a farm near Athabasca, a small community in northern Alberta. My parents first put me on cross country skis at age four, and soon enough I was making my own tracks in the snow. I loved skiing circles around our farmyard, pretending I was Beckie Scott or Sara Renner racing in the Olympics, with my dad giving “race” commentary.

IMG_3471Seeing this drive, my parents put me in Athabasca Nordic’s learn-to-ski program. I got my first taste of racing at the local Tawatinaw Loppet, and from that point on, all I’ve wanted to do is ski!

In 2006, during the middle of a cold February night, my family huddled around our old tube TV, tuned in to watch the Torino Winter Olympics – the TV even had those rabbit ear antenna for better reception – and I watched with excitement when Canadian cross country skier Chandra Crawford won her Olympic gold medal. That moment had a huge impact on my life. It opened my eyes to the possibilities I could accomplish and inspired me to pursue my own Olympic dreams.

Since that cold February night when I was 10 years old, I have dedicated my life to the sport of cross country skiing. I want to inspire a new generation of Canadians, just as I was inspired by the Olympians before me.

Ski racing full time

I’m lucky enough to call skiing my full-time job, which means that I get to spend almost every day training outdoors, pushing myself mentally and physically to new limits. During the summer I’m based out of Canmore, AB, and during the winter I travel across the country and around the world competing for Canada.

My Olympic dream started at age 10, and I’m committed to this sport for many years to come. Some of my favourite moments so far include:

  • Senior National Ski Team Member 2016-19
  • Junior National Team Member 2011-15
  • 24th at the 2020 Falun World Cup
  • 2019 & 2018 National Sprint Champion
  • 18th at 2018 World U23 Championships
  • 2019 World Championship team member
  • 9-time Canadian National Champion

Sharing my passion for skiing

My passion for skiing has shaped who I am today, and I love sharing my sport with others as I travel and race around the world.

I love inspiring and encouraging others through a monthly blog post, as an Ambassador for Fast and Female, and as a volunteer with Spirit North and local ski clubs. I hope to empower others so they too can experience the incredible benefits of sport.

I missed qualifying for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics after a near career-ending injury in 2017, and overcoming this has been one of the most difficult challenges of my life. Ultimately, the lessons of perseverance and determination that I learned from skiing over the years have helped me to push onwards and continue reaching for my dreams.

In sharing my message to others, whatever they are facing in their daily lives, I hope to show that we can all overcome adversity and succeed at reaching our full potential.

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