A couple of weeks ago, my sports psychologist and I had a long talk about motivation. With the race season approaching quickly, November can often be a stressful month. The fun of the training season is mostly over but the excitement of race season hasn’t fully started yet– so on the tough days, I sometimes … More Motivation

Mammoth Magic

I’m sitting at Beamers in Canmore right now, taking advantage of my rest day to catch up on homework and emails. The past few days have been quite busy because we just had our first on-snow races on Frozen Thunder (the man-made snow track set up at the Canmore Nordic Centre). But before that, I … More Mammoth Magic

Penticton Camp & Pushing Limits vs. Recovery

The first month of training is over! I’m sitting at Communitea Cafe in Canmore, enjoying an afternoon off and feeling that typical mixture of tiredness, sore muscles, and best of all, satisfaction from a good bout of training. I’m also happy to report that I’ve been relatively injury-free this spring! Aside from avoiding any long … More Penticton Camp & Pushing Limits vs. Recovery

Skier New Year

Happy cross-country skier New Year! I’ve been training for about two weeks now, and it feels AMAZING to be back at it. This time last year I was on crutches, so I’d forgotten how much fun spring training is. To add to my excitement, I also got the news that I’ve been nominated to the … More Skier New Year